Foundations in Academic & Industrial Best Practice


Reliability Interaction’s founding Director has been involved in safety critical Human Factors & Ergonomics for approximately 15 years. During that time Dr Christian Fairburn has worked in the areas of Air Traffic Control , cockpit controls and displays, mixed reality (Live/Virtual/Constructive) training systems, autonomous vehicles, civil security, submarine control and platform management systems, intelligent maintenance support tools, train design and railway traffic management.


Dr Fairburn has qualifications in both Psychology and Computer Science and maintains active connections with leading academics in these areas. He has published work in international forums connected with the research and application of Human Factors techniques in safety critical, high consequence applications. He also retains a part time lecturing position within the Department of Computer Science at the University of York.


Reliable Interaction has associate links with others involved in the Human Factors, Safety and Software industries and Dr Fairburn maintains an interest in human - automation interaction , human cognition and accident analysis. You can find  out more by viewing Dr Fairburn’s LinkedIn profile here.


A Theoretically Well-Founded but Practical Approach


All too often one encounters a consultancy approach which fails to strike the right balance between theory and practice or which can’t scale its products to suit its customers. In today’s legislative and educated but commercial world, one can’t neglect such factors. Reliable Interaction has been founded on the principle that it is possible to be academically rigorous and practical at the same time … Don’t believe it? Get in touch!



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