User Requirements Elicitation & Documentation


Understanding and documenting the different types of user, their goals and the environment in which they will operate is essential to effective design. Reliable Interaction is able to tailor cutting edge, productive techniques from the Psychology and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) domains to suit your project and resources.


Usability Assessment (user trials)


We have years of experience applying techniques to assess workload, so-called ‘situation awareness’ and also the potential for human ‘error’ in single and multi-user systems. From high fidelity large scale simulations to smaller applications, we can provide a tailored solution to give you a clear audit trail and recommendations for design improvement.


Usability Assessment (walk-throughs / heuristic assessment)


You don’t always have to gather dozens of potential users together or have a high fidelity simulator to discover features of the design that will make it harder or less reliable to use. Reliable Interaction can employ predictive methods to ‘get into your user’s heads’ and describe how they might interact or fail to interact with the design you have on the table. This can be an excellent way to reduce risk early on before committing to a particular design option or to evaluate from a user’s perspective when the product is small scale and resources are scarce.



Human Error Identification & Human Reliability Assessment


Designing a safety related system? We can identify and assess the likelihood of human ‘error’ using qualitative and / or quantitative methods in line with (or to exceed) the necessary standards and legislation. Get in touch to discuss some of the possibilities and what might be best for your project.







Reliable Interaction isn’t just a run of the mill consultancy, churning out the usual and expected. We’re keen on investigating new techniques as well as applying those that already exist. We have experience working on research and development ‘blue sky’ systems as well as on those with a quick and clear route to production. Get in touch if you need specialist Human Factors / Ergonomics involvement in your research bid or if you wish to push the boundaries of current techniques and pursue novel ideas.




Reliable Interaction can provide bespoke training services to your own staff in any of the areas mentioned.


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Human Factors Integration, Policies & Procedures


In need of a Human Factors Integration Plan or related policies and procedures? Reliable Interaction can help put together the processes and documentation you need.